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Neuromorphic one-shot learning utilizing a phase-transition material

AR Galloni, Y Yuan, M Zhu, H Yu, RS Bisht, CM Wu, C Grienberger, S Ramanathan, AD Milstein
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 2024

Recurrent excitatory feedback from mossy cells enhances sparsity and pattern separation in the dentate gyrus via indirect feedback inhibition

AR Galloni, A Samadzelkava, K Hiremath, R Oumnov, AD Milstein
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2022

Offline memory replay in recurrent neuronal networks emerges from constraints on online dynamics

AD Milstein, S Tran, G Ng, I Soltesz
The Journal of Physiology, 2022

Bidirectional synaptic plasticity rapidly modifies hippocampal representations

AD Milstein, Y Li, KC Bittner, C Grienberger, I Soltesz, JC Magee, S Romani
eLife, 2021

Inhibitory suppression of heterogeneously tuned excitation enhances spatial coding in CA1 place cells

C Grienberger*, AD Milstein*, KC Bittner, S Romani, JC Magee
Nature Neuroscience, 2017

Behavioral time scale synaptic plasticity underlies CA1 place fields

KC Bittner*, AD Milstein*, C Grienberger, S Romani, JC Magee
Science, 2017

Inhibitory gating of input comparison in the CA1 microcircuit

AD Milstein, EB Bloss, PF Apostolides, SP Vaidya, GA Dilly, BV Zemelman, JC Magee
Neuron, 2015

* equal contribution